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Network simulations are mandatory to confirm any harmonic filter solution in the network. The consideration and selection between active and passive harmonic filtering depends on the required harmonic mitigation and the general cause of harmonic distortion in the network. When extensive harmonic current from the load side is considered active harmonic, filters are necessary to reduce the harmonics. In case harmonic distortion is a consequence of resonance amplified network conditions passive filters can be considered. Compromises or combination passive/active can be used under any harmonically distorted conditions providing the required reactive power, harmonic mitigation, impedance stabilisation, etc

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Using products by Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR)

To ensure optimised functionality across your network, harmonic filters are necessary to reduce any disturbance from extensive harmonic current from the load side. There are two types harmonic filters; active and passive. The consideration and selection between active and passive harmonic filtering depend on the required harmonic mitigation and the cause of harmonic distortion in the network.  energySEA (with MR) undertake harmonic load flow studies in network simulation environment according to the correct domestic and global industry standards; Australian Standards (A.S), International Electrotechnical Commission standards (IEC), and Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). The methodology can be described as follows:

  • network modelling in the computer network simulation environment based on the realistic network data,

  • modelling individual loads, harmonic sources, etc. according to the standard recommendations and internationally accepted approaches,

  • network tuning according to measurement results or any other relevant available data,

  • determining the required filter circuit based on network load flow and voltage conditions, impedance conditions and harmonic load flow.


We test your system and provide a comprehensive report on the findings and guide you through process of optimising your network aligned with industry best practice in the most cost effective way.

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